Pépites Caviarserver, 14,5 cm

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Pépites Caviarserver


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It all began in 1911, when Martial Raynaud, a porcelain salesman who had travelled the world selling "white gold" to a wealthy clientele since the late 19th century, decided to open his own workshop in Limoges. After his early successes in Europe and Russia, he bought the factory in Montjovis in 1919, which he completely reorganised to create Porcelaines Raynaud.


This pioneer, who had travelled the world since the age of 20 and spoke several languages, was not only a world-class entrepreneur but also an ever-curious aesthete with a love of all things beautiful. He left his descendants an immense creative legacy, fed by his encounters around the globe and the cultural vitality characteristic of his time. Martial's eldest son André followed in his father's footsteps at an early age, working in the factory and learning all about drawing and oil painting. In 1937, at the age of only 18, he presented two of his samples to his father to enter a competition at the International Exhibition of Art and Technique in Paris. It was a success and André won the silver medal. After Martial's death in 1952, he took over the helm and threw himself into the adventure in his turn.


Both technically skilled and artistically gifted, André took charge of modernising and renewing the company's collections, setting particularly high standards of excellence and quality. His creations were bold and he excelled at finding new designs with innovative shapes. Bertrand, the youngest of five third-generation siblings, worked with his father for ten years before taking over the reins of the company in 1992. Enthusiastic, warm-hearted and passionate about art and gastronomy, he shares with his ancestors an insatiable curiosity for the talents of his time. He cultivated artistic collaborations with some of the leading names in interior design, including florist Christian Tortu, interior designer Alberto Pinto and artist Hyppolite Romain. His passion for cooking soon led him to forge links with the world of gastronomy, forming partnerships with great Michelin-starred chefs such as Thomas Keller and AnneSophie Pic. When he met Mariela, a new world opened up before him: that of fashion. The story of the Raynaud family continues...

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